Learn to ski

 Learn to ski

Do you want to learn to ski? Learn in a safe and encouraging environment with qualified ski instructors step-by-step

Learn is a gradual process.The first techniques that you learn to ski are the safest and, most importantly, the easiest for beginners.

The snow and ski area conditions are, obviously, one of the most important factors when you want  learn to ski!!!

Livigno is one of the best worldwide locations for that!

Feeling confident for your first run!

We offer beginner learn to ski holiday packages In Livigno ski school to learn to ski in. You can choose to learn to ski in a group or privately

Our Learn to Ski Programs allow you to take your first step with your equipment and gain confidence in our learning areas before challenging the mountain! These group lessons are for everyone on their first day on skis, no matter their age.

We are in S.Rocco and Doss 18 ski area, the best place to learn to ski in Livigno !Ideal learn to ski conditions ,excellent for beginners  skiers,wide, gentle nursery slopes  has many drag lifts and tapis roulant serving sunny meadows near to the village, these are the perfect place to learn to ski and improve before heading up the mountain.The first techniques that you learn to ski are the safest and, most importantly, the easiest for beginners.

In Livigno we have the best quality snow, excellent equipment and expert coaches who will teach you in a safe, welcoming environment.

Livigno ski school area is great also for expert and intemediates skiers! Intermediates skiers will love the wealth of blue ,red and black runs scattered across both sides of the valley.

As your skill and experience increase through practice you move onto a new set of intermediate techniques that will allow you to navigate the ski slopes at a faster pace with more freedom, before finally dealing with more challenging ski runs. The best thing about skiing is that it is an enjoyable experience at all levels.

Whatever your level and age, you’ll find the best instruction packages for you.

Learn to ski-levels:

Those who have never skied are classed as absolute beginners until they are able to control their speed and brake on their own.

BASIC – A sequence of curves in the snowplough position
ADVANCED – A series of turns

BASIC – A sequence of Christiana turns
ADVANCED – A sequence of Christiana turns

BASIC – A sequence of guided curves,Curving turns on the edges
ADVANCED – Sequence of basic competitive curves. Curving turns on the edges

Learn to ski-children:

The recommended starting age to lean to ski is 4 years old (private or semiprivate lessons), but some individual characteristics such as weight, height, and psychomotor skills, will get your child starts on ski even earlier.

Fun vs Sport:
Learn to ski, Even if the premises look like a game, skiing is an action sport. In reality are technical moves, presented in a fun and chilld friendly way. Our school helps to learn to ski and develop the concepts in a coherent and harmonized manner. Age appropriate educational materials are set in our playground in which the child is immersed in a fantasy world and surrounded by people you trust, protected and pampered by a great new friend, his “ski instructor.”

Learn to ski a fun and useful tool:
The carpet lift has become an irreplaceable tool for  that, like ours, always place the primary emphasis on the teaching quality. It allows in few minutes to make the first descent easily with minimum effort and then immediately ready to go back uphill on the slope.

Learn to ski and children Our Secret:
What predisposes a child and or an adult, to learn ski, and then to practice of a sport, is the motivation. Each of us has the drive of his own actions. The instructor not only know the technique, but also is familiar with the psycology and with his experience knows how to identify and articulate the interests and objectives appropriate to each child, applying the right approach to the appropiate situation.

Learn to ski in Livigno ski school Playground Area

the Livigno ski school area offers fantastic ski  tuition for the youngest members of the family. The nursery slopes are at the bottom of the lifts surrounded by lots of sun terraces for parents to relax and watch their little ones learning.


Learn to ski-Adults:

Learning to ski is a gradual process,you can learn ski in a really short time when tuition is received from the professional Livigno ski school. Livigno is  some of the best  place to learn to ski in the world.

The adult the full understanding of the technical and mechanical concepts helps achieve the goals, In addition to other motivational factors such as achieve the level of other skiers. Other goals to learn to ski are enjoy the sport together with others, have fun, open to new horizons, and discover new movements that will work best for each individual.
Skiing, practiced at a good level, equals absolute freedom, enjoyment, mastery of one’s skills and discover of unknown talents. Stop the learning to ski process immediately after reaching the minimum of self-sufficiency on skis, is a missed opportunity of what is still to discover.


We have a number of different lesson options to choose from below.





Learn to Ski